Buffet med kjølebrønn. Kap 4/1-GN. 207x66xh140cm. Mahogany.

kr 42 900,00 Eks. MVA
Kjølt buffet / salatbar på hjul. 4x 1/1-GN. Farge: mahogany.


Mobilt kjølt buffet (salatbar) med kjølebrønn i rustfritt stål. Farge: mahogany tre.
Fast plexi-overhylle med "breath-protection". Kapasitet på 4 x 1/1-GN kantinebakker med dybde 15 cm.
Leveres med LED-lys i overdel, og 2 nedfellbare hyller på langsidene.
4 hjul, hvor 2 er låsbare. Elektronisk kontroll. Miljøvennlig kjølemedium R134 (uten CFC). 
Leveres uten GN-kantinebakker, se tilbehør.

Buffet - Refrigerated salad bar, 4x GN1/1-150 (mahogany wood)
- Base crossed with storage for plates and cutlery.
- Stainless steel posterns, roof with removable protections (condiments or dishes 190 mm) , anti-breath protection cristal "plexiglas", at each side, LED lighting.
- 2 stainless steel tracks, 1 at each side (folding shelves, easy pass, standard doors, 0.8m.)
- Built-in compressor group, climate class 4 (30 ° C & 55% HR).
- Evaporator "coil" drowned in the stainless steel tank.
- Drain for the condenser evacuation.
- Ecological refrigerant R134A (without CFC).
- Expanded polyurethane insulation, CFC-free.
- Electronic controller (digital).
- 4 turning castors, 2 with brakes.
- NB: delivered without containers GN.

PLUS: Construction: ecological wood (color: wenge, light oak or mahogany).
DESIGN: warm, current, elegant, refined, rectilinear, timeless and functional, perfect for every kind of interior, ideal for self-service and for a perfect presentation at the right temperature of your cold or hot starters, meat, vegetables, ready-made dishes.

mm (BxDxH) : 1440x660(950)xh1370
T° : +2° +10°
kW : 0,5
Volt : 230/1N 50-60Hz
kg : 100
M³ : 1,6