Espressomaskin (semi automatisk), 2 uttak. Sort

kr 23 950,00 Eks. MVA

Semi-automatisk espressomaskin produsert i rustfritt og lakkert stål.
Beregnet for espresso og Amerikansk kaffe.
To manuelle kaffeuttak. 6,5 liters kobber boiler.
1 uttak for steam, og 1 uttak for tevann.
Automatisk vanninntak og nivåkontroll.
Varmeholding av kopper på toppen av maskinen.

Version for espresso coffee and American coffee (small lifting cup rest grill).
Boiler capacity 6.5 litres.
1 steam tap, tube and head vaporizing all stainless steel.
1 hot water tap, with stainless steel tube.
Supplied with 3 pouring spouts, 2x (2 cups) and 1x (1 cup) and "blind" filter for daily maintenance of the groups.
Semi-automatic machines, On/Off switch.
Unit made of brass (chrome finish), heat guaranteed, with pre-infusion, solenoid valve for each unit.
Hot water tap, for tea, herbal teas, etuni_1.....
Copper boiler, with heat exchanger for each group, double control probe to avoid dry heating, electric resistance heating, automatic water level control, visual alarm device (indicator light).
Upper cup warmer with removable antibacterial mesh and machine washable.
Anti-limestone magnet placed at the outlet of the heat exchanger of each built-in motor pump unit, analog pressure gauge to visualize the pressure.
On/Off main switch, with indicator light.
Lower shelf with discharge, with removable upper grids, all made of stainless steel, easy to maintain.
Body structure made of stainless steel and painted steel.
4 adjustable lower feet.
The device is built in compliance with the current CE standards.

mm (L x W x H): 475 x 563 x h530
kW: 2.7
Weight: 57 kg
Voltage: 230/1N 50-60Hz
Volume m3: 0.24 m3