Koketopp m/ induksjon. 4 soner. 80x70xh25 cm. 230V/3-fas.

kr 122 650,00 Eks. MVA

Koketopp - induksjon - med 4 kokesoner. Mål: 80x70xh25 cm.

DIAMOND - E17/4ID8T(230/3)-N
Induksjonskoketopp med 4 runde kokesoner.
Mål kokesoner: 4x23cm. 4x 3,5 kW.
Utførelse i rustfritt stål.
Mål: 80x70xh25cm. Vekt: 65 kg.
230V/3-fas (kan også fås i 400V/3-fas). 14 kW.

Fordeler med induksjon:
- 25 % raskere enn gass (fra 0 til 100°C på 10 sekunder).
- Liten sjanse for å brenn/personskade da kokeoverflaten er kald.
- Svært lite energitap. 90 % av energien går dit den skal.
- Enkelt vedlikehold.

4 separate cooking zones Ø 230 mm (4x 3,5 kW).
Made of AISI 304 stainless steel, deep-drawn "top" (15/10 mm), levelling cylinders, waterproof "IPX4".
Ceramic glass induction hob (6 mm). Focus diameter 230 mm, energy regulator.
Principle of INDUCTION:
The heat is produced by a magnetic field directly inside the container, this field is created electronically, there is no heating element, which gives it great security. Cooking is done almost without any heat loss; it is the most economical technology, the removal of the container is enough to stop cooking. Three physical phenomena are therefore successively brought into play:
A) The transfer of energy from the inductor to the container by electromagnetic means.
B) The transformation of electrical energy into heat in the container by the Joule effect.
C) The transmission of heat from the container to the food by thermal conduction.
NB accept all containers made of enamelled sheet metal, cast iron or stainless steel, bearing the acronym "INDUCTION".
- Appliances built in compliance with current standards (CE).

Environmentally friendly and by far the most efficient technology
50% saving in energy consumption.
25% faster than gas (0 to 100°C in 10 seconds).
No heat emission, no risk of burns, cold cooking surface.
90% of the energy used, restored in real power
Easy maintenance.

mm (L x W x H):800 x 700(730) x 250/320
Weight:65 kg
Voltage:400/3N 50-60Hz
Volume m3:0.4 m3


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