OPTIMA 700. PASTAKOKER 26 L. 40x70x85/92h.cm 5,5kW. 1 TANK

kr 29 450,00 Eks. MVA

Elektrisk pastakoker på 26 liter. Gulvmodell.
1 tank på 2/3-GN, tankmål: 31x34xh30 cm.
Mål: 40x70xh85-92 cm (justebare ben). 
5,5 kW. Velg mellom 230-400V/3-fas.
Selges uten kurver, se tilbehør nedunder for å velge kurver. 

E7/CPA4 Electric pasta cooker 1 26-liter tank (without baskets), on cupboard
- Tank GN 2/3, dimensions 310x340xh300 mm. NB: baskets optional.
- Manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304,with adjustable feet in stainless steel.
- Top pressed with lateral edges.
- Tank "pressed" in stainless steel AISI 316, thickness 15/10, resistant to corrosion and wear.
Tank has an over flow plug for starch and displaced water.
Water tap to fill up the tank as well as drain tap (bullet) in the cupboard. ^
Perforated double base stainless steel AISI304 to allow convection throughout the product.
- Electric heater with armoured heating element made in stainless steel, controlled temperature switch with 4 setting.

mm (BxDxH) : 400x700(730)xh850/920
kW : 5,5
Volt : 400-230/3N 50-60Hz
kg : 40
M³ : 0,4