Bake-off ovn m/ autorevers. Fukttilsetning. 4x 60x40cm brett

kr 22 300,00 Eks. MVA
Bake-off ovn(varmluft) med to vifter og autorevers. Beregnet for 600x400mm brett. Effekt 6200W.

Bake-off ovn (varmluft) med manuell fuktighetstilsetning.
Kapasitet 4 stk. 60x40cm brett/ rister.
2 viftemotorer og autorevers, dette sikrer jevnere stekeresultat.
Temperaturinnstilling 20-280°C.
Tidsur fra 1-120 minutter + konstant. 
Varselsignal når ferdig.
Innvendig lys.
Utførelse i rustfritt stål; både utvendig og innvendig.
1 stk rist følger med.

Convection oven, electric 4x 600x400 mm, Manual Humidifier
- Sold with one grid 600x400 mm. 2 turbines 2800 t/min
- Inside-outside made of stainless steel AISI 430.
- Cooking chamber totally welded, 100% waterproof, rounded internal corners, stamped bottom.
- Plates holder structure easily removable (75 mm) anti toppling.
- Heat diffusers easily removable, interior lighting of the enclosure.
- Door with heat resistant ergonomic handle, automatic closing, waterproof joint. Micro-switch to stop the fan when the door is open.
- Motor with "autoreverse" turbines (2800 t/mn).
- Evacuation pipe for the condensate.
- Manual humidifier.
- Electric heating by stainless armoured resistance elements behind turbines deflector.
- Control panel made of a humidification degree selector, electronic thermostat from 20°C to 280°C, timer from 1 to 120 min.

- Very quick temperature reach.
- Homogenous and quick cooking, even at low temperature thanks to the heat circulation through turbines.
- Thanks to the humidifier, you can cook without the food drying out.

mm (BxDxH) : 865x685xh565
kW : 6,2
Volt : 400-230/3N 50-60Hz
kg : 65
M³ : 0,53

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