kr 18 000,00 Eks. MVA
Pizzaovn med steinbunn og infrarød varme. Plass for en pizza a Ø 43 cm.

Dobbel pizzaovn med steinbunn og infrarød varme.
Plass for en pizza a Ø 43 cm. Utførelse i rustfritt stål. 
Veldig rask forvarming (15 min).
Justerbar ovns temperatur.0-350°C. Justerbar undervarm.
Steketid: Fersk pizza: 3'30min, frosset 4'30min.
Isolasjon i steinull, veldig tykk. Unikt konsept: oppvarming av infrarød kvarts (1050 ° C)
Timer 15 min. pluss kontinuerlig stilling.
Dør med dobbel isolasjon, utstyrt med en glassvindu.
Det kan plassere to ovner over hverandre, man får da opp til 4 ovnsrom.

PIZZA-QUICK/43-2C Electric oven for pizza, 2 chambers (3 +3 kW), 430x430xh100 mm
- Chambers for 1 pizza Ø 430 mm.
- Fresh pizza: cooking in 3'30, frozen in 4'30.
- Realization in stainless steel.
- Insulation in rock wool very thick.
- Unique concept: heating by infra-red quartz (1050°C)
- Sole in refractory stone.
- Very fast pre-heating (15 min.).
- Timer 15 min. with continuous position.
- Thermostat 0-350°C for the cooking chamber, 1 energy regulator for the sole, tensioning warning light, heating warning light.
- Safety thermostat delivered standard.
- Door with double insulation fitted with a cooking control porthole.
- Appliances are complied with the CE in force.

Unique conception. Ideal for pizzas, flammenküsche, pies, quiches, pastries, baguettes and furnished slices of bread, ciabatta (PIZZA-QUICK/66-43: also cooking of caterer pizzas, puff pastry, pies...). Sole in refractory stone to cook the pastry homogenously, well glazed and crisp, infra-red quartz for a deep cooking of the filling. The double regulation (patented) allows to the pizza cook to adapt the kind and the thickness of the pastry to cook, but also according to the ingredients he will use, in particular the quantity of mozzarella: from the Napolitano pizza with a thicker pastry to the Toscana with a thinner pastry, even the American with a very tick pastry.

mm (BxDxH) : 670x580xh500
kW : 6
Volt : 2x 230/1N 50-60Hz
kg : 53
M³ : 0,22

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