Kjevlemaskin. Bordmod. Mål: 2370x920xh700 mm.

kr 58 350,00 Eks. MVA
Kjevlemaskin for bakeri. Båndlengde 50x100cm. Bordmodell.

Kjevler ut de fleste deigtyper.
Valsesylinder i herdet krom med diameter Ø=8,4cm.
Beltehastighet 50cm/sek, 1 hastighet. 
Valseåpning: 0-38 mm.
Sammenleggbare vinger.

Mål: 2370x920xh700 mm.
0,55 kW.
Vekt: 165 kg

Strip mill, table model, 500x1000 mm

- Ideally conceived for small and average productions, rolls any type
of pastes (laminated, broken, soft pastes liftings, brioches,...).
- Synthetic matter Bands, with polyurethane.
- Regulation with precision thickness of the sheet of paste, constant
- Food polyethylene Scrapers and supports.
- Disassembling and easy reassembly of the scrapers, without tools.
- Opening of the cylinders of 0 - 38 mm.
- Cylinders out of chrome steel, diam. 84 mm.
- Rate of advance 50 cm/sec (1 speed).
- Band with double direction (Dx & Gx).
- Frame in lacquered steel.
- Manual control.
- Emergency stop button "punch" type.
- Protective grills rollers, made in stainless steel.
- Possibility of raising the tables, to decrease the obstruction at the
time of the arrangement.

mm (BxDxH) : 2060x970
kW : 0,55
Volt : 400/3N 50-60Hz
kg : 93
M³ : 1,4