Universalmikser, 40 liter. Høy type. Variabel fart. 230-400V

kr 75 950,00 Eks. MVA
Universalmikser / røremaskin med avtakbar bolle på 40 liter. Variabel hastighet og tidsur. Sikkerhetsgitter. Høy utgave sikrer riktig arbeidshøyde.
DIAMOND - HBM-40T/VV - Høy utgave
Universalmikser / røremaskin med avtakbar bolle på 40 liter.
Svært kraftig motor.
Variabel hastighet og tidsur.
Høy utgave som gir riktig arbeidshøyde.
Når maskinen stoppes, bremses elteverktøyet straks.
Egen nødstopp-bryter.
Inkludert 3 stk. verktøy; eltekrok, grind og pisk. Alle i rustfritt stål.
Timer fra 0 til 30 minutter, eller kjør til manuell stopp.
Meget robust ramme i stål, lakkert med epoxy.
Alle deler som er i kontakt med bollen er produsert i rustfritt stål.
Øvre del laget i ABS-plast.
4 justerbare ben.
Bygget i hendhold til CE-standard. Produsert i Europa.

mm (LxBxH) 650x910x1520
kW: 2.2 
Vekt: 260 kg
Volt: 230/3 50-60Hz
HK: 3
Volum: 1.58 m

Planetary mixer, high base, 40 LT, variable speed.

- Variable speed (Min. 65 rpm & Max. 551 rpm), with Inverter.
- Timer from 0 to 30 minutes or continuous
- Standard accessories: whisk, spatula, hook and 40 L stainless steel tank.
- "High" version, on base.
- Very robust frame in painted steel (epoxy), upper cover in ABS, 4 lower cylinders for levelling
- Raising and lowering the tank with lever.
- Automatic locking of the tank in working position.
- Protection grid (and screws) in stainless steel, with safety device by microswitch.
- All parts in contact with the tank are made of stainless steel.
- Possibility to remove the utensils (lowered bowl position) without having to remove the bowl and vice versa.
- When the machine stops, the rotation of the tool is slowed down.
- Emergency stop button type "punch".
- Very powerful motor, pulley transmission.
- Stainless steel utensil connection unit, waterproof, very solid (reinforced!).
- Anchoring of utensils with security.
- Traction systems made of stainless steel, very quiet (self-lubricating).
- The device is built in compliance with the current CE standards.


- Diamond mixers are versatile, efficient and of robust construction.
Ideally designed for small and medium productions, for all types of preparations, cookie dough, dough for cakes or pizzas, fillings, mousses, creams and other products to be whipped in snow.
With speed variator (standard with inverter, ideal solution for delicate preparations) or with 3 speeds (standard). Many accessories on request: reduction kit for tank, wheels for the tank, trolley for the tank.

mm (BxDxH) : 650x910xh1520
kW : 2,2
Hp : 3
Volt :  400/3N 50-60Hz
kg : 260
M³ : 1,58