WR-EP60-SS Diamond, Flatgrill elektrisk storkjøkken WR-EP60-SS_1.jpg

El. flatgrill - 600x400mm. To stekesoner.

Leveringstid normalt 1-2 uker
kr 8 010,00 Eks. MVA
kr 8 900,00 Eks. MVA
kr 890,00 Eks. MVA
Elektrisk flatgrill. Stekeflate 600x400 mm. For storkjøkken, storhusholdning.
DIVERSO by Diamond - WR-EP60-SS 
Elektrisk flatgrill med slett stekeplate. To stekesoner.
Arbeidsflate 600x400mm. Tykkelse på plate er 20mm. Emaljert.
Produsert i forsterket rustfritt stål.
Enkel rengjøring med avtakbart dryppskuffe.
Temperaturområde 0-300°C.

Svært robust flatgrill produsert i Europa.

Electric griddle plate, double, enamelled

Cooking surface: 600x400 mm (2 independent areas).
2 spiral resistors, 0-300 ° C thermostats with on / off position, 2 power indicator lights, 2 thermostatic indicators.
Plate (20 mm thick), enamelled cooking surface, food (NF 12983-1).
Perfectly homogeneous cooking thanks to spiral "Incoloy" resistors for the electric version and star burners for the gas version, rapid temperature rise up to 300 ° C.
Easy and easy maintenance, thanks to its drawer-cum-juice in front, entirely removable.
Made in stainless steel and reinforced insulation. Adjustable cylinder (s).
Appliances built in compliance with the standards (CE) in force.

ADVANTAGE: Very robust cooking plates Made in Europe.
Enamelled cast iron cooking surface, to cook in large quantities meat, bacon, fish, hamburgers, sausages, onions, fried eggs, omelettes, etc.

mm: (LxWxH) 600x475x230
kW 3.5
Weight: 29 kg
Voltage: 230/1N 50-60Hz
Volume: 0.11 m3