Kokebord 6 Bluss MÅL:120x90x85-92Cm

kr 39 850,00 Eks. MVA
Gass kokebord med 6 bluss. 120x90xh85-92 cm.

Gasskokebord med 6 bluss, og åpent underskap.
Brennere i støpejern. Størrelse på bluss: 39x38 cm.
Blusseffekt: 3 stk på 7 kW + 3 stk på 11 kW. Total gasseffekt: 54 kW.
Rustfri utførelse. Yttermål: 120x90xh85-92cm (justerbare ben). Vekt: 104 kg.

G9/6BA12 Gas stove 6 burners, open cupboard
- 6 burners (3x 7 kW, 3x 11 kW) High Efficiency-Flexibility.
- Open cupboard (GN 2/1+GN 1/1) (1160x740xh360 mm).
- Upper top, stamped.
- Manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304, adjustable feet in stainless steel.
- Structure and oven door with insulated double skin, door on spring hinges, stainless steel handle.
- "Waterproof" burners in cast iron, brass crown, regulation through a gas valve. Grills made of enamelled cast iron: 390x380 mm.

Combining power, efficiency, flexibility, our burners H.E.F. (High Efficiency & Flexibility) adapt very easily to all types of professional kitchen appliances. Burners with high yield (11 kW & 7 kW), exchangeable as required, brass crown, automatic ignition by pilot burner (100% protected) and with thermocouple security.

Made to last, unfailing performances and reliability. A complete range of products to meet the needs of every professional.
New modularity 400, 800 and 1200mm which makes all replacements in kitchens easy!

mm (BxDxH) : 1200x900xh850/920
kcal/h : 46440
kg : 104
M³ : 1,04