Gasskomfyr, 6 bluss & stor gassovn. Mål:1100x650x850/950mm.

kr 38 950,00 Eks. MVA

Gasskomfyr med 6 bluss (3x3,6kW + 3x5kW).
Ekstra stor gassovn (7,5kW) med 2 svingdører.
Ovnsmål: 80x54x54,h/cm. Yttermål: 110x65x85h/cm. 33,3kW.

- 6 burners, (3x 3,6 kW and 3x 5 kW).
- Gas oven, (7,5 kW) dimensions 800x540xh380 mm.
- Manufactured in stainless steel 18/10 AISI 304, adjustable legs in stainless steel.
- Oven room and double glazed door provided with thermic spun glass isolation. Hinged oven door with spring system, grip in stainless steel.
- Burners of treated cast iron, crown of brass (with very high output). Enamelled fat catchingplate for cookfluid, regulation through gas-tap. Upper enamelled grid, dimensions 340 x 570 mm.
- Gas oven, heating through stainless steel burners with stabilized flame. Temperature regulator of the oven between 120°C and 320°C, through thermostatic gas tap, standard included 1 grid.

mm (L x W x H): 1100 x 650 x 850/950
Vekt: 130 kg
Kcal: 28650
Volume m3: 0.92 m3