Gass flatgrill - 2 soner - Mål: 600x475xh230 mm. Kcal: 5504

kr 8 400,00 Eks. MVA
Gass flatgrill - stekeflate 600x400 mm.
For storkjøkken, restaurant, kiosk, kantine, etc.
DIVERSO by Diamond - WR-GP60-SS
Gass flatgrill med slett stekeplate. To stekesoner.
Stekeflate 600x400mm. Tykkelse på plate er 20mm. Emaljert.
Produsert i forsterket rustfritt stål.
Enkel rengjøring med avtakbart dryppskuffe.
Temperaturområde 0-300°C. Gniststarter i front.

Svært robust flatgrill produsert i Europa.

Gas griddle plate, double, enamelled

Cooking surface: 600x400 mm (2 independent areas).
2 burners 6 star branches, 2 control valves with idle position, safety thermocouples.
Delivered in propane butane with natural gas injectors pouch.
Plate (20 mm thick), enamelled cooking surface.
Perfectly homogeneous cooking thanks to spiral "Incoloy" resistors for the electric version and star burners for the gas version, rapid temperature rise up to 300 ° C.
Easy maintenance, thanks to its drawer-cum-juice in front, entirely removable.
Made in stainless steel and reinforced insulation.
Adjustable cylinder (s).
Appliances built in compliance with the standards (CE) in force.

ADVANTAGE: Very robust cooking plates Made in Europe.
Enamelled cast iron cooking surface, to cook in large quantities meat, bacon, fish, hamburgers, sausages, onions, fried eggs, omelettes, etc.

mm: (LxWxH) 600x475x230
Weight: 27 kg
Kcal: 5504
Volume: 0.11 m3