Pizzakjølebenk med garnityr og 3 dører. 8x 1/6-GN. 2-8°C.

kr 30 800,00 Eks. MVA
Pizzakjølebenk med kjølt garnityrrenne. Kjølebenk tilpasset 1/1-GN. Miljøvennlig kjølemedium R600a.

DIAMOND Compact Line - SR3/R6
Pizzakjølebenk med 3 dører og kjølt garnityrrenne. Granitt topplate.
Rustfri utleverings topp over garnityr. Kjølebenken er tilpasset 1/1-GN.
Garnityren har plass til 8 stk 1/6-GN, med dybde 15cm (kantinebakkene ikke inkludert).
Automatisk avising, og automatisk fordampning av tinevann.
Temperaturomeråde kjøleskap: +2° +8°, temperatur garnityr +4° +10°
Rustfri utførelse ellers. Yttermål: 136,5x70xh85-110 cm.
Miljøvennlig kjølemedium R600a.

Refrigerated preparation table. 3 doors GN 1/1, 380 Lit, refrigerated structure 8x GN1/6-150 mm

- Working board in granite.
- Integrated saladette well, with a top structure in stainless steel AISI 304.
NB: delivered without pans GN.

. Exterior and interior finish in stainless steel austenitic (alimentary).
. Angles and edges rounded off.
. Delivered with 1 adjustable shelf GN 1/1 each door.
. Electronic thermostat in closed moisture proof housing.
. Evaporator tubes integrated in the walls (3 sides), polyurethane insulation, without CFC's.
. Ventilated saladette well, automatic defrost, auto- evaporation of condensation water.
. Compressor group fit in climate class 4(mounted beneath - space-gainer).
. Ventilated condensor, equipped with filter protection against grease.
. Refrigerant R600a.
. Doors with closing by magnetic gaskets (by pressure), ergonomic handles.
. Adjustable feet.
. Produced in accordance with the existing EC-standards.


- The new Compact Line tables are "eco-responsable" because with environmentally friendly refrigerant R600a.
Especially designed for any establishment wher place is a major problem ... An unbeatable value for money !!!

mm (BxDxH) : 1365x700xh850/1100
T° : +2° +8° / +4° +10°
kW : 0,34
Volt : 230/1N 50Hz
kg : 175
M³ : 1,1

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