Oppskjæremaskin. Knivblad: Ø30cm. Mål: 50x71xh48cm.

kr 15 850,00 Eks. MVA
Profesjonell oppskjæremaskin, bordmodell.

Manuell oppskjæremaskin, knivblad med diameter á 30cm. Kuttekapasitet: 21x30cm.
Kuttetykkelse fra 0 - 1,5cm. Utført i anodisert aluminium. Allsidig maskin.
Beskyttelsesdeksel i front av matningsvogn. Inkludert slipeapparat.
Lavvolt (24V). Startpanel.
Yttermål: 50x71xh48cm. 0,27 kW. Vekt: 30 kg.

Professional gravity-feed slicer Ø 300 mm (12")
- Compact, but with a large cutting capacity, realized in anodized and polished aluminum alloy.
- Sanitary polished and anodized aluminium alloy, hardened, chromed stainless blade, permanent tapered blade ring guard and interlocked blade guard (100% safe).
- Reinforced gauge plate, max. cutting capacity 250xh185 (Ø 210 mm) slice thickness 0-13 mm.
- Carriage sliding on stainless bearings for an easy and quiet operation, a plexiglass hand guard comes standard.
- Stainless steel screws and deflector.
- Dual-action built-in sharpener.
- Fan-cooled motor, transmission pulley protected with a retaining ring.
- 24V, IP44 keypad enclosure, NVR (No-Voltage Release) to prevent accidental restart after power failure.
- Adjustable feet.
- The equipment is manufactured following the (CE) standards in force

Important: easy and safe cleaning thanks to:
1°) Wide gap between blade and body.
2°) Removable carriage system with gauge plate protecting blade edge at default slice thickness setting below "0".
3°) Removable blade guard.
4°) Permanent tapered blade ring guard.

mm (BxDxH) : 610x640xh510
kW : 0,21
Hp : 0.29
Volt : 230/1N 50Hz
kg : 26
M³ : 0,27