Pizzamonter med roterende hyller. Ø380. Temp: +0°C/+90°C.

kr 11 790,00 Eks. MVA
Pizzamonter / varmemonter med roterende hyller for storkjøkken, kiosk, restaurant, kafe, kantine, etc. Temperatur: +30°C til +90°C.

Pizzamonter / varmemonter med 3 roterende hyller. Diameter Ø 380 mm.
Monteret har fuktighetstilsetning. Betjent utgave.
Glass på 4 sider. Innvendig belysning. Termostatregulering fra +30 til +90°C.
Ideell for pizza og annen varmmat. Utførelse i rustfritt stål.
Heated display rotating D.380 mm

- 3 rotating plates (Ø 380 mm)
- Completely made of stainless steel (AISI430), 4 glass sides.
- Door with "soft" shutdown, magnetic.
- Thermostat Controller T ° 0 ° + 90 °
- Tray for water , in order to maintain the degree of humidity, avoiding drying out of the food.
- Rotating plates that represent a uniform temperature and above all a better product visibility.

- Display for pizzas, sandwiches, pies, cakes and various snacks, which maintains a constant temperature and long guarantees of the taste and freshness of the food.

mm (BxDxH) : 465x430(820)xh590
T° : 0°+90°
kW : 0,7
Volt : 230/1N 50-60Hz
kg : 30
M³ : 0,29