Stekepanne med manuell tipping. 60 liter. 9 kW.

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kr 64 550,00 Eks. MVA
Stor elektrisk stekepanne med manuell tipping. 60 liter. 9 kW.
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Stekepanne med manuell tipping av pannen.
Mål i stekepanne: 710x480xh150 mm.
Kan brukes til steking, røsting,baking og koking.
Utført i AISI 304 rustfritt stål.
Termostat 50-300°C.
Innbygd sikkerhetstermostat.
Meget robust utførelse.
Kapasitet på 60 liter.

mm (BxDxH) : 800x700(730)xh850/920
kW : 9
Volt : 400-230/3N 50-60Hz
kg : 115
M³ : 0,83

Electric bratt pan, stainless steel tank, 60 liters

- Tank dimensions 710x480xh150 mm., surface 34 dm².
- Manual tilt by hand wheel.
- Manufactured in stainless steel AISI 304, with adjustable feet in stainless steel.
- Top pressed with lateral edges.
- Superior lid with hinges with "torsion springs" for gradual opening.
- Tank stainless steel AISI 304 thickness 10 mm with high thermic conductibility. A water tap allowing the filling is fixed on the higher top.
- Electric heating, by armoured element in stainless steel, placed under the tank (cooking uniform on tank surface). Control temperature 75°C to 270°C, by thermostat.